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Series Expedition Natur - 15 products

Expedition Natur | Adventure Лупа с лампичка

Expedition Natur | Adventure Magnifier with lamp

Research magnifier with built-in light. Perfect for the most curious.

Batteries: 3 x LR44 (included)

  • 4 times magnification
  • built-in light
  • rubberized surface
22.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Мулти карабинер

Expedition Natur | Multi carabiner

Multi carabiner 6 in 1:

  • large carabiner
  • ring with 5 small carabiners
  • two colors - black or red
  • convenient for keychain or hanging other accessories
  • made of strong aluminum, ultra light
11.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Мултифункционален инструмент

Expedition Natur | Multifunctional tool

6 in 1 multifunction tool:

  • LED flashlight (2xCR1220 batteries included)
  • alarm whistle
  • compass
  • thermometer
  • magnifying glass with 2x magnification
  • mirror
  • removable strap for hanging
12.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Лупа с 10-кратно увеличение

Expedition Natur | Magnifier with 10x magnification

Magnifier with 10x magnification:

  • 10x magnification
  • LED light
  • removable strap for hanging
  • included batteries 2xCR2016
21.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Увивна LED лампичка

Expedition Natur | Folding LED light

LED recessed light:

  • attachment usiong the flexible wire
  • 5 hours runtime
  • 4xLR41 batteries included
14.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Крачкомер

Expedition Natur | Pedometer

The pedometer for an expedition in nature makes every walk more fun and motivates you to exercise more in your daily life.

Belt clip and batteries included.


  • the distance traveled
  • calories burned
24.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Изследователска кутия-лупа за насекоми с долно виждане

Expedition Natur | Research box-magnifier for insects with lower vision

For young researchers and future biologists - a box-magnifying glass for insects with lower vision. The box has lenses and a mirror at the bottom, through which you can see the bugs from all sides. And the magnifying glasses themselves increase up to 4 times!

  • magnifying glass box
  • 4 times magnification
19.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Фенерче и челник

Expedition Natur | Flashlight and headlamp

Assistant in children's expeditions.

Bulb: O, 25 W LED

Battery: AA (not included)

  • flashlight
  • leader
32.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Експедиционен магнитен светлоотразител

Expedition Natur | Expeditionary magnetic reflector

A great helper to see you well in the dark - a magnetic LED reflector.

Batteries: 2 x CR2032 (included)

  • powerful LED light 3 light functions - constant or flashing light, reflector
  • easy attachment to clothes, bags or backpacks using a magnet
12.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Експедиционен светлоотразител

Expedition Natur | Expedition reflector

A great helper to see you well in the dark.

Batteries: 2 x CR1220 (included)

  • LED light
  • reflector
  • elastic rubber for fastening
  • 3 light functions: flashing, continuous and flashlight
8.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Експедиционно джобно фенерче

Expedition Natur | Expeditionary flashlight

The expedition flashlight, with a connection for the hand, has a rubberized body for better impact resistance and water resistance.

Batteries: 2 x AA (included)

  • 3 LED lights with a range of up to 20 m
  • its duration of illumination is up to 5 hours
  • connection for the hand
19.90 BGN


Expedition Natur | Мултифункционален ключодържател

Expedition Natur | Multifunction keychain

The multifunctional keychain gives you everything you need. With its ten features, it will help you in any situation. Thanks to the carabiner, it can be attached practically anywhere.

  • 10 functions
  • carabiner for hanging
13.90 BGN


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